Drama school for immigrants, Athens

Trough the history, Drama has always been extremely important in Greece. The city of Athens created the theatre in the 5th century B.C. to promote its culture. This invention was not only cultural but also architectural, thus creating a new typology.

Recently, Greece, and Athens in particular, have been facing economical crisis and problems linked to immigration. The neighborhood of Kerameikos and Metaxourgeio in the center of Athens are one of the most affected places by the arrival of new immigrants. More than 50% of immigrants are illiterate or have only attended primary school.

A drama school would be appropriate because it is a good way to learn a language. The educational goal would be to make interaction and communication between children easier by «learning by doing». In other words moving language study out of the classroom context would make language learning more enjoyable. The school would be run by both the National Theatre of Greece and the Ministry of Education and subsidized by private funds. Different teaching classes will take place during the day and the evening.

The site is at the crossroads of Iera Odos and Piraeus, where various cultural activities are located.The archeological site of the cemetery of Kerameikos is just in front of it which allows a direct view on the Acropolis. The plot involves two abandoned neoclassical buildings, which is frequent in Kerameikos.

The program consists of classrooms, an administration with reception and a main flexible theatre of 160 seats. The theatre can have multiple configuration of stage according the play...