LS "Soccer Bunker" Stadium

Architecture begins with the need of finding the right answer to a given context.
The difficulty is to ponder with an open mind. Connecting a programme with a place and a history requires accepting that each context can give this gathering point...

The goal of this project consists of requalifying a peri-urban site possessing significant topographical features in Lausanne, Switzerland. A stadium offers a way to be confronted with urban situation, a context, a programme, shapes and also with the importance of expression and communication. For such a project, the relationship between programmes, circulation, parking and access become fundamental.

The project is based on a conceptual process which defines an abstract relationship between circulation and the elements of the programme.
The concept process offered the possibilty of a circulation that develops itself like a spiral with different layers through the center, putting together all the spaces in one mass.

The second inspiration comes from the analysis of “ Bunkers” which is able to change and match the landscape in a quiet and strong way. The project takes its shape from the hill. The project is completely contextualized by trying to be in harmony with the close environe-
ment and to be also monumental with its cantilevered.