RDJ contemporary art center

Architecture is often an indicator of the social, religious and economic elvolution of a country. The project develops public and cultural facilities where there is a lack of comtemporary architecture.The approach of the project depends

on rule/exception, fusion/singularity and lightness/density...

The programme is a contemporary art center realized in a unique context. The country is Brazil and the project is located near the Lagoon of Rodrigo

de Freitas, in Rio de Janeiro. A study trip supplemented the project with the

vision of the extreme realities between "Favelas" and rich areas.

The concept of the project is defined by using three rules which come from the analysis of an anthill. Then, the dispostion of the volumes are related to the limits and the urban direction of the site.

Morphologically, the art center is based on five selected orientations of the site. These orientations compose the form by disposing themselves on a regular framework. Finally, there is a second reading of the view in the facade where the openings target the landscape.

final project RDJ CAC layout