ecal_industrial design projects_part1

The projects were done at the University of Art in Lausanne (ECAL) during my sesond year of bachelor at the EPFL. Differents design ideas were pushed forward until the mock-up.


The project e-hanger is the first project in industrial design at the Univerty of Art and Design Lausanne.

The principle is to make a maximum of five folds and two cuts on the same material and use to elaborate an object.

The project wants to be sustainable and economical by using the paperboard which holds the shirt. In fact it uses this ecological technique to become a simple and practical hanger...

_bamboo bric

The project purpose is to define an orginal idea to how work and join the bamboo. The purpose is to create a kind of new material that can develop itself in different ways by using a simple piece od wood. The bamboo become a pattern or a textil.