Modular combination housing

A project is not a linear process, but a complex one which generates many questions and many answers: the programme, the existing reference points, the urban forms. But also, what atmosphere for a space, what materials, what colors and what lighting?

Thus it is important to work at different scales simultaneously and to use models, plans, sections, perspectives, etc. The studio offers a way to test and to design housing by using typologies and by adapting to contemporary requirements.

The project develops itself first by using exercices about housing ,such as housing sequences, windows or atmosphere, all reflecting on the notion of the inside towards the outside.

The urban form consists of two bars which define two different spaces. The concept leads to different modular spaces which can be put together to create multiple combinations of lofts. Then the space continues generating Logias and Bow-windows in between structural frames. Besides, concrete and wood create a quiet atmosphere...