ecal_industrial design projects_part2

The projects were done at the University of Art in Lausanne (ECAL) during my sesond year of bachelor at the EPFL. Differents design ideas were pushed forward until the mock-up.


Ikea is the most popular mall for furniture in the world. In fact it is probably one of the malls where "industrial design" really takes its full meaning.

The project is to "pimp" a basic stool from Ikea. The aim is to add a new device to make the stool more personal and original.

It is a minimal intervention which offers extra comfort to the stool. In fact, the device added to the foot steadies the stool on an uneven loor.


This project is based on the development of a standard poly-propylene sheet into a lamp. "Less is more",with fewer means and simplicity, the project uses this really good material to diffuse light.

The concept is inspired by the reel: polypropylene strips are winded around a bulb. The shape develops by itself when the hole of the band is put into the cap. The fact is that this system allows the user to personalize his lamp.